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Life Coaching Services

One of the things that separate a good counselor from a bad counselor is knowing how to assess a client and determining what their needs are. From my experience, I have learned that some clients are deterred from seeking counseling because they feel as though they do not have any significant psychological problems, but rather difficulty in making decisions in their lives or figuring out what direction to go in. I understand clients who are in this predicament and agree that traditional counseling is not in their best interests; which is why I offer life coaching services. Life coaching is an alternative to traditional counseling where instead of focusing on psychological problems and psychological interventions, meetings instead focus on helping you make the right decisions in your life while figuring out who you are as a person.

Especially with teens and college students, many parents have said that they feel as though their kids do not listen to them and really wish they had a mentor or coach to talk to. Many parents have said that their kids are making awful decisions or are just so stuck in life; if they only had one person that they trusted to talk to and maybe have some influence then they would be so much better off. This is exactly what I think life coaching should be about with this age group. Life coaching is not about telling people what to do, it’s having a person who a client can trust to tell them the truth and be willing to explore every angle of a problem so they are informed enough to make the right decision.

In addition to traditional office visits, I also offer life coaching sessions where myself or one of my team members will work with the client in their surroundings. Whether it is meeting a client at home to help motivate them to get out of bed, doing performance coaching before a big interview/meeting, going to doctor’s visits, helping them work out at the gym, in-vivo anxiety exposure, social skills coaching, etc.; While this is not necessary for every client, we also understand that life exists outside of the 60 minutes that we see people in our offices. When what is discussed in session doesn’t translate to growth outside of our sessions, it is nice to have tools like this at our disposal to help our clients grow.