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  • The Question Nobody is Asking: Why Are America’s Youth So Preoccupied With Getting High?

    In my busy Dublin counseling practice, seeing clients with addiction problems is about as common as a family doctor seeing a client with a cold. By far and away, substance abuse problems are the most common reasons parents/families will bring a young client into my practice. When asked what the next step is, I often […]

  • Fly The Friendly Skies

    Fly the Friendly Skies? When you look at the recent run of high profile airline incidents, it is easy for us to get lost in the drama of the drama of the he said she said and forget to ask ourselves why these incidents are happening all of a sudden and even better yet…what can […]

  • How To Let Your Child Fail The Right Way

    All over the news we have heard interviews with psychologists and counselors discussing the rising levels of narcissism and entitlement among young adults in this country. The reasons are many and there is plenty of blame to go around. I could spend time rehashing the arguments but you probably have already heard the reasons and I already wrote […]

  • Failure To Launch: UncoveringThe Epidemic Of Unmotivated Young Adults In America

    Every day in my private practice, I receive at least one phone call from a frantic parent pleading for help with his or her child. This is nothing unusual for a busy counseling practice in Dublin, Ohio, except … these “children” are adults! According to a recent report issued by the National Endowment for Financial […]

  • Treating the Person Versus Treating A Diagnosis

    Every day in my practice I am asked by a client what diagnosis they have or by a parent what the diagnosis is for their family member. What I always tell clients is that while I understand that they would like to hear exactly what is wrong so we can fix it…the truth is that […]

  • Part 3: “I Got Ya!”:How mindfulness can help get our mind back under our control

      When I first present the concepts of Observe & Describe to my clients, they often ask me how/when to utilize them. The power of mindfulness is a skill that has to be practiced by a person on a consistent basis for it to make a difference in their lives. The power of Participate is […]

  • Part 2: “I Got Ya!”:How mindfulness can help get our mind back under our control

      When we are being mindful, it is very important to realize the importance of being able to Describe what is going inside your mind. I liken it to “thinking about your thinking” or simply commentating what you are telling yourself. Every one of us has conversations inside our heads; where we deside what we […]

  • Could PTSD Be a Significant Cause in Police Shootings?

    With the proliferation of cell-phones, live-streaming, dash-cameras, and body cameras, Americans have been inundated with footage of police incidents that often leave people wondering why and how something happened, who was to blame, and what can be done to fix the problem. Just last week, two incidents with police in St. Paul, Mn & Baton […]

  • Time to Change The Conversation: What We Should Be Learning From Celebrity Deaths

    I have no doubt that at this very moment I am one of many professionals who are racing to write an article or have a comment ready to address the sudden suicide of actor/comedian Robin Williams. There will be the typical theories from the likes of Dr. Drew who will discuss the role of addiction […]

  • What Is Really Going On With This “Knock-Out Game”?

    It seems like everyday we are reading an article or watching a feature on the local news about somebody being attacked randomly on the news. In my own city of Dallas, two elderly men have been attacked in the last two weeks as they were walking out of a restaurant. In each case, they were attacked by […]